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About Just Eve


We believe that every woman has different versions of herself. We all experience different moments and moods throughout the day and we have the unconscious need to dress accordingly. Think about moments in your active & work time, during leisure and cocooning and the after hours.

With a powerful wardrobe

Just Eve represents a strong wardrobe where each unique mood or moment is dressed but always true to herself. The Just Eve collection has been nourished by experiences based on a refined aesthetic, inspired by the rock 70's and Parisian romantism.

The inspiration is drawn from active, independent and modern women on the street. The silhouette is a mix between sexy and tomboy look, sometimes urban, sometimes wild.

We break codes and play with contradictions, from leather to silk, mixing masculine and feminine, womanly and young at the same time. Romantic but though.

At any given time

Nobody feels the same throughout the day. You wake up feeling one way in the morning. Then your vibe changes in the afternoon. And comes out completely different at night.

However you may feel, all your moods meet in the middle. Just as day and night magically touch in the evening.

In the end, it's just you. Just Eve.

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